Living Here

Newtown, Connecticut successfully combines the rural charm of a small New England town with the sophistication and amenities of metropolitan suburbs. Citizens enjoy the use of many multi-functional facilities including the Edmond Town Hall, Cyrenius H. Booth Library, The Meeting House, and Ram Pasture for recreation, art, music, movies and cultural events.

Located in southwestern Connecticut in Fairfield County, Newtown is about sixty miles from New York City. Covering an area of 60.4 square miles, the Town is bordered on the south by Easton and Redding, on the north by Bridgewater and Southbury, on the east by Oxford and Monroe, and on the west by Bethel and Brookfield. Newtown is traversed by Interstate 84, U.S. Routes 6 and 302, and Connecticut Routes 25 and 34.

Town Profile

Newtown, Connecticut was founded in 1705 and incorporated in 1711. Today, Newtown continues to carry its rural charm of a New England town along with the sophistication and amenities of modern metropolitan suburbs. More>


Connecticut's highly educated work force leads this country in worker productivity. Connecticut ranks highest in value-added per worker, per capita. More>


Newtown, Connecticut touts its classic New England style with countryside and village style living. More>


Many physicians practice in Newtown, providing local families and businesses access to stellar doctors and health care available in the country. More>

Arts & Culture

Newtown is the home many talented artists, providing the community with vibrant exhibitions, theater, talent and cultural creativity. More>


Newtown Parks & Recreation sponsors year-round cultural and sporting activities, programs and trips for adults and children. More>


Newtown operates under a Charter adopted in 1961 and most recently revised in 2012. More>