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Brownfields Have Potential to Generate Millions in Local Tax Revenue

Written by Christal Preszler on April 23, 2015

About a decade ago, Connecticut started getting serious about reclaiming and reusing former and abandoned, environmentally tainted industrial sites known as brownfields. Around that same time, Newtown’s Director of Economic and Community Development Elizabeth Stocker began compiling an informal list of local brownfield sites.

Officials Ramping Up Focus On New Businesses, Economic Development

Written by Christal Preszler on April 23, 2015

With deliberations and the authorization by voters of the 2014-15 budget behind them, local officials are focusing intensely on the best way they see for keeping residential taxation in check — growing the Newtown Grand List. That means increasing commercial activity, supporting economic development, and aggressively working to retain or expand businesses already established locally.

The Spring Construction Season Sprouts Several Commercial Projects

Written by Christal Preszler on April 23, 2015

As with the spring flowers that emerge in April, construction projects often also start this time of year. Four notable examples of commercial construction projects that are starting, or are about to begin, can be found on Mt Pleasant Road, South Main Street, and Church Hill Road.