6 Commerce Road

The property at 6 Commerce Road offers 8 buildable acres of unmatched beauty, ideal for significant development. Some of the property’s advantages are:

  • Located within 1/2 mile of exit 10 off I-84 via Commerce Road, a town owned road.
  • Property will be served by public water and sewer.

The property is adjacent to employee amenities including a child day care facility and a walking trail system, and is a short distance from a variety of restaurants and shops.   This property provides a beautiful setting for a commercial businesses in close proximity to an educated work force and transportation.

Approved developmental ideas for this unique campus include:

  • A corporate headquarters
  • Research and development facility
  • Campus of buildings built around a common theme.

Property is for Lease or for Sale by Town of Newtown>
Property sell sheet is being updated and will be available soon.