Joe Young
Joe Young

What does your company do?
Machining and Assembly

Why is your company located in Newtown?
We located in Newtown, CT due to the convenience of the location with easy access to and from I-84 as well as the central location between Bridgeport, Waterbury, and Danbury labor and secondary supplier markets. This has proven to be critical to our success in maintaining and expanding our qualified workforce and secondary resources.

How long has your company been in Newtown?
6 Years

Why do you think other businesses might find Newtown to be an attractive location for their company?
With its historic allure and quiet beauty, Newtown, CT is a great place to work and live. Newtown offers excellent schools, recreation and a high quality of life. But don’t let the rural setting fool you. There are shopping malls, parks, and plenty of eclectic and quaint storefronts within minutes. Keeping in mind that Connecticut enjoys a healthy and prosperous economy (Almost one-third of its population is engaged in, and derives income from, manufacturing). Newtown’s central location to the hubs of the manufacturing economy make it a great place to locate your business.

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