The Taunton Press, Inc.

Tim Rahr
Tim Rahr

What does your company do?
The Taunton Press is a special interest publisher of magazines, books and websites. Our magazine titles include Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Threads, Fine Gardening and Fine Cooking. We also have websites and publish books in each of those areas.

Why is your company located in Newtown – or why did you decide to grow your business in Newtown?
The Taunton Press was started in 1975 in the house of our founders here in Newtown. As the company has grown we have been able to find appropriate space in Newtown to accommodate that growth. Even though we are now in a number of different buildings in town, it has been nice to keep everyone local and within a few minutes drive of each other.

How long has your company been in Newtown?
Since our founding in 1975.

Why do you think other businesses might find Newtown to be an attractive location for their company?
Newtown has been great for us as we have access to a diverse labor market within an hour’s commute. It has also been a great location for relocating employees as they have access to a diverse housing market within that same hour’s commute. Whether urban, suburban or rural there are plenty of choices in every price range.

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