Curtis Packaging

Don Droppo, Jr.
Don Droppo, Jr.
President & CEO

What does your company do?
Curtis manufactures high-end custom folding cartons for luxury products.

Why is your company located in Newtown – or why did you decide to grow your business in Newtown?
Curtis was founded in 1845 to manufacture buttons and combs and evolved into a state of the art manufacturer of consumer packaging.

How long has your company been in Newtown?
Curtis has been at this location for 166 years.

Why do you think other businesses might find Newtown to be an attractive location for their company?
Newtown is a picturesque country town with an ideal location. It is in close proximity to New York City and the Boston/New England market. It is just over a 1 hour trip to Manhattan. Newtown is supportive of business and offers initiatives for businesses to locate or expand here.

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