Newtown operates under a Charter adopted in 1961 and most recently revised in 2016. The Charter retains a limited Town Meeting form of government with the First Selectman acting as the Town’s chief executive officer and a twelve member legislative council acting as the legislative body, with the exception of those items specifically enumerated on which the Town Meeting is authorized to act. Fiscal matters are administered under a Board of Selectman (3) and an appointed Financial Director.

Visit the Official Town of Newtown Home Page for more information about town government, services and current projects including the Newtown Plan of Conservation and Development and Fairfield Hills Campus Plans.

Principal Municipal Officials

OfficeNameManner of SelectionTermYears of Service
First SelectmanDaniel Rosenthal Elected2017-2019Since 2017
Finance DirectorRobert TaitAppointedIndefiniteSince 2008
Superintendent of SchoolsDr. Lorrie RodrigueAppointedIndefiniteSince 2018
Director of Public WorksFrederick HurleyAppointedIndefiniteSince 1989
Director of Planning George BensonAppointedIndefiniteSince 2005